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Tara Tripp Hearing

Tara Tripp Hearing

We are an independent family run private healthcare practice covering Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. Our hearing healthcare practice has earned an excellent reputation in Oxford and the surrounding areas for providing a wide range of digital hearing aids and also for our unique micro-suction ear wax removal clinic.

  • Address Sandford Gate, Clarendon Business Centre, Sandy Lane West, Oxford, OX4 6LB

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    Tara Tripp Hearing Care

    15th March 2017

    Tara Tripp Hearing Care is a leading family run independent hearing practice. The practice has built an excellent reputation in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas for providing a complete hearing healthcare service. From the provision of the latest digital hearing aids to effective micro-suction wax removal, Tara Tripp Hearing ensures each client receives the care, attention and expertise to solve or manage their hearing impairment.

    Diagnosing Hearing Loss

    Hearing tests at Tara Tripp Hearing Care utilises state of the art equipment and result in a comprehensive and detailed report on the clients hearing and a full analysis of options. Tara Tripp Hearing Care do not only check what pitch of beeps you can hear, but give a full diagnostic assessment. Hearing assessments include;

    > Ear examinations using a fibre optic camera meaning the client sees exactly what is happening in their canal. The health of the ears is checked and any wax or debris is removed using micro-suction.

    > Measuring whether the mechanical function of the ear drum and middle ear cavity are working normally.

    > Assessing the acoustic reflex of the middle ear.

    > Determining the amount of air flowing through the Eustachian tube into the middle ear.

    > Assessing the softest sounds that can be heard.

    > Measuring how effectively each individual can understand speech in noisy and quiet environments.

    As an independent practice Tara Tripp Hearing Care are able to supply hearing aids from all manufacturers as they are not tied into any agreements from laboratories. Any recommendations made are based on each individuals hearing requirements. If hearing aids are required, Tara Tripp Hearing Care provide a free 45 day trial on every hearing system recommended. This time enables the wearer to determine benefit in their everyday environment nor is there any commitment to purchase.

    Training Nurses

    In addition to providing hearing systems and removing ear wax among other hearing related solutions, Tara Tripp Hearing Care pioneered the ear wax management course for primary care nurses in the Oxfordshire area. Three Oxford Aural Care Study Days are held each year at the practice, providing training for Practice and District Nurses, Health Care Assistants and GP’s.

    Recognising Excellence

    Tara Tripp Hearing Care is an AIHHP (Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) Centre of Excellence. AIHHP Centres of Excellence must meet strict criteria in terms of equipment and service levels. These criteria are under constant review to each centre represents the highest standards of “best practice” in the Profession. More recently, Tara Tripp Hearing Care was awarded ‘Oxfordshire’s Favourite for Health and Beauty’ in the 2016 Living In Oxford Awards.

    To find out more on how Tara Tripp Hearing Care can help your hearing needs, get in contact today.

    Colin Rosser

    25th January 2017

    I have known that I needed help with my hearing for a number of years and had been on the point of buying a hearing aid quite a few times.

    I had been approached numerous times by various organisations but it wasn’t until the specialist at a well-known national chain asked who I most annoyed with my inability to hear. Without hesitation I said my wife.

    When she came in with me shortly afterwards and I had a test she was amazed what little I actually heard. My main problem is that I can’t differentiate consonants.

    That sealed it and I purchased a pair of the latest Phonak models.

    When they arrived and before they were fitted I was told my ears needed syringing as I tend to accumulate a lot of wax. I then developed an infection and needed ear drops.

    After trying to get on with the hearing aid for several weeks the aids were continually getting blocked up which was most frustrating as I had started to rely on them.

    It was then that the specialist suggested I contact Tara Tripp Hearing Care, previously my doctor had also recommended her.

    Talk about a turning point!

    The equipment they have at Tara Tripp Hearing Care is phenomenal. She put a camera down my ear and showed me a photo. What a mess and I immediately thought no wonder I am having problems. She then spent some time with her suction device to clean up both ears. What a difference that made. Tara also discovered I had some sort of eczema where I lost surface skin in the ear which contributed to the problem and advised seeing my doctor who prescribed Betnovate Scalp Application.

    From then on there has been hardly any problems. Why on earth I didn’t see Tara earlier is a mystery as it seems only logical that anyone who is interested in a hearing aid should first of all visit Tara for inspection and treatment.

    Tara Tripp Hearing Care not only has the most modern equipment for ear treatment but also provides hearing aids.

    I can’t speak highly enough of her and her team and anyone that is remotely interested in a hearing aid their first stop should undoubtedly be Tara Tripp.

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